Alcatraz and An Open Top Bus City Tour


Take advantage of prime photo opportunities with unobstructed views in every direction aboard Blue & Gold Fleet’s 60-minute San Francisco Bay Cruise. Our most popular cruise for 40+ years will have you sailing underneath the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, past the famous PIER 39 sea lions, around mysterious Alcatraz Island and along San Francisco’s historic waterfront, revealing the city’s fascinating skyline.

This comfortable San Francisco Bay Cruise tour has both indoor and outdoor seating with full narration describing major landmarks as you sail by them. You haven’t experienced San Francisco until you’ve taken a Bay Cruise.

A free multi-language audio tour is now available in nine languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, German and Taiwanese. Please bring your Wi-Fi enabled device to access the tour.


Alcatraz considered the most legendary prison in the world for many reasons such as the escape attempts, even turned into a feature film in the year 1979. The movie ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ also the name of the most dangerous prisoners who were locked up over there at that time like Alcaponi. While touring the Alcatraz with the narrative audio tour you will realize that the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay has been an asset to the U.S. Army, the federal prison system, jailhouse folklore, and the historical evolution of the West Coast. Despite its reputation as a cold and unforgiving penitentiary, Alcatraz is now one of the most prominent tourist attraction in San Francisco, that is why the ticket sell out quick as the prison can allow limited number.


The weather on Alcatraz can be somewhat unpredictable and can change quickly – it may be warm and sunny in the city and very windy and cool on the island. Summer days can sometimes be as cool as winter due to thick fog and strong winds. We recommend dressing in layers.


There are many walking hazards that include uneven surfaces, steps, cracks, and potholes which may create hazards, especially for those with health conditions. The island has numerous steep road and pathways that may be challenging for some to navigate. Alcatraz does not have any wheelchairs for loan, but does offer an electric shuttle service for those unable to climb hills. SEAT (Sustainable Easy Access Transport) offers first-come, first-served seating. The tram runs on a regular schedule between the dock and main cellhouse.

Exhibits & Programs

Alcatraz offers a richly unique experience to visitors. It is a historic location that allows the visitor to experience the various and opulent layers history as it was during the periods of operation. The award-winning multilingual audio tour improves the experience with the actual voices of inmates, officers, and residents recounting their memories of life on Alcatraz. The island offers exhibits that chip away the various layers and periods of history through video, audio photographic, Alcatraz nature and historic garden exhibits. Alcatraz includes a fully accessible theatre which provides an orientation video produced by the Discovery Channel and is open captioned in English and Spanish. We recommend also buying souvenirs in Alcatraz as some of them are available only in The island.


Please note that we will be sold out of Alcatraz tickets many days this year. Order your Alcatraz Tickets today to avoid missing out on the opportunity to see the most popular tourist attraction in San Francisco.

Cancellation Policy

When you reserve seats without paying, you can cancel at anytime without being charged but We will hold your Alcatraz ticket only 24 hours prior departure unless you call or you text to confirm that you are coming to pay for your ticket.

After payment confirmation, the ticket is yours and will not be released to other customers.

Payment will be refunded at a certain particular circumstances or Force Majeure, Bad weather resulting Alcatraz not operating or government shut down.

The same thing for Bus or Bay cruise, the full amount will be refunded. If you don’t get the service because of factors out of your control.

We don’t refund if you did the tour. We are not responsible for the other service quality operations as we are a third party, but rarely we notice an inconvenience as we deal only with professional tour operators.


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Alcatraz and An Open Top Bus City Tour